We bring disruptive technology to market

A California based, private holding company and game-changing tech incubator on a mission to fund and foster the development of impactful technology for the future!

What Do We Do?

Simply put, we acquire small to medium tech companies, get them funded, scale them, and launch them into the public market.

We focus on finding companies with enormous potential in the blockchain, web 3.0, and network solutions spaces. Then, after a careful selection process, we acquire and raise capital to build the technology stacks, business strategy, and management teams to successfully launch disruptive tech into the market.

Our Investment Strategy

Understanding the new technology landscape requires hard work, connections, and expertise. How do you find the right companies that can build the best products to disrupt the market, our culture, and even human behavior? 

The stakes have never been higher! 

With the rapidly changing state of the industry, you don’t want to spend all your time researching and interviewing. 

That’s where we come in.

NB Tech Acquisitions helps you reap the biggest benefits from the beginning, thereby minimizing your risk and maximizing your profit.

As a shareholder in Newport Beach Tech Acquisitions, you can rest assured that there is a dedicated team checking all the boxes.

Discover & Research

We combine our team’s proven expertise with a multiple-point audit system to verify all candidates and ensure the idea has traction then we develop out the technology stacks for further disruptive success.

Fund & Equip

Are the right people in the project? From the founders to any potential bad actors lurking in the background, we do complete background checks, corporate restructuring with a focus on brand and reputation management to provide a new way of managing your distributed teams with transparency and accountability.

Develop & Scale

Once the technology is verified for quality and potential with the proper funding, we work hard to ensure that the business plan is rock solid and ready to launch, scale and prosper under NB Tech or as its own public entity spin-off.

Marketing & Analysis

We deploy world class marketing campaigns with real-time data analysis and profit reporting to ensure the technology reaches the right people and maintains visibility in the marketplace as well as a competitive edge.

Our Investing Verticals


Cloud solutions geared to web3 iteration

Decentralized Project Development

Building blockchain focused web3 network solutions


Hardware and software user interfaces

Our Current Holdings

Our Flagship Project

Zero 404 is a premier cloud solution that helps founders and teams launch, manage and scale their businesses with ease. 

Compatible with Web 3.0, this all-in-one building platform provides the expertise, resources, and strategic insights needed to leverage cloud-based technologies to achieve great things.

Other Holdings

Our Team

Our internal talent team brings a wealth of experience as founders, investors, developers, and  operators within the blockchain space. With a combination of passion, dedication, and a proven track record, we vet and invest in disruptive blockchain projects poised for growth and great returns for our shareholders.

Eric Liboiron

Eric Liboiron has a strong entrepreneurial and administrative background, which led him to lay the foundations of four successful startups.

Eric has been serving different organizations around the world for the past two decades. In a variety of different positions and industry goals, he was able to assist them to improve their business structures and scale strategically.  Eric has specialized knowledge in leveraging business modeling, lean startups, creative marketing, financing, and business development to help innovative tech companies flourish in today’s challenging market.

Savanna Patterson is a strong project manager and data analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the multifamily housing industry. Savanna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics and a Project Management Certification through UC Irvine. Through her experience at NB Tech Acquisitions and Zero 404, Savanna harnesses her experience to ensure selected companies have valuable, verifiable ground-breaking concepts.

Jeremy Harkness leverages his understanding of Blockchain Technologies and extensive experience in a broad spectrum of software, and network technologies to help companies understand and take advantage of the opportunities Blockchain Technology offers them in the future business landscape.

Rhys Parry is an Innovative and results-driven IT leader with wide-ranging exposure to enterprise architecture. Established expert in deploying scalable solutions to align IT operations with organizational goals. Excels as an executive advisor, consultant, and cross-functional team leader in both startup and established organizations.

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